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#41 Tim Gorree – Nokia – a corporation in Second Life

Tim Gorree is IT architect at Nokia. He is responsible for the global company’s Second Life presence. He says that to Nokia virtual worlds are about communication – connecting with the community. Download/Listen to podcast (mp3 60 min)nokiaearsmembers

The 1 hour long discussion was recorded thursday, May 14th. The first 30 minutes or so we discuss the challenges that corporations and their employees face in integrating social media platforms to their everyday life. On the latter part, from 34 min’s onward, the sound quality regrettably drops, but the discussion is worth listening nevertheless as Tim Gorree explains in detail how the Nokia SL presence came about from 2006 to present.

Sula Pinta is a podcast about virtual worlds and new media dimensions by Yoe in Japan and Tuija in Finland. Usually in Finnish, with occasional episodes in english.

Show notes (to be continued)

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