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#54 with Neil Calder, topic: Science Communications

Science communications. Ancient, hierarchic, boring? Not if you ask Neil Calder, Head of Communications at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. He was Head of Communications at CERN in the 80’ies and has been promotion fusion energy as Head of Communications at ITER.

Listen to the entire episode from Internet Archive (MP3, length: 60 min) or fast forward to

  • 9’13” to hear how CERN’s brand new Large Electron Positron Collider didn’t make the BBC nine o’clock news in 1989
  • 16’30” how Tim Berners-Lee couldn’t quite get through to Calder with his revolutionary idea about hypertext

Voices: Tuija Aalto, Yoe Uusisaari and Neil Calder

Neil’s current and previous arenas:

Neil’s recommended science sites to follow:

Neil’s recent article in Physics Today, touching on several of the same issues: What’s it For?

Links & more shownotes to be updated.

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